Mechanical thrombectomy of occluded subclavian and axillary artery stent graft

2015-05-05 05:02:00

Category: Interventional Radiology, Region: Thorax-Vessels, Plane: Other

We are presenting a case of subclavian and axillary artery aneurysm, which was successfully treated with a stent graft, only to present 3 months post treatment with symptoms of graft occlusion. We initially used a 15 x 100 mm VIABAHN® (GORE®) stent graft and a bilateral trans-brachial approach for the treatment of subclavian and axillary artery fusifom aneurysm. After less than 3 months the patient was readmitted to our hospital via the emergency ward due to graft thrombosis. We performed a mechanical thrombectomy through the endoprosthesis with the AngioJet® (Possis®) device. DSA angiography showed restored graft patency immediately after the procedure and the patient made a complete recovery.