Figure 1 B

2020-04-06 10:24:19

Category: Abdominal Imaging, Region: Abdomen-Kidneys, Plane: Axial

16 year old female presenting with retroperitoneal alveolar soft part sarcoma. FINDINGS: Non contrast CT axial (A) and contrast enhanced CT axial (B), sagittal (C) and coronal (D) images reveal well defined rounded solid - cystic mass of 9 cm X 9.1 cm X 8.7 cm in the left pararenal space causing indentation on the left kidney. The mass is showing coarse calcification (red asterisk) within and along the walls. Small enhancing solid component (black arrow) is seen adjacent to the calcification. Few peritumoral vessels (blue and black curved arrow) are seen. Splenic vessels are denoted by yellow arrow. TECHNIQUE: Axial non contrast CT and contrast enhanced CT of the abdomen in venous phase with coronal and sagittal reformats.120 KVp, 200 mAs, 5mm slice thickness, iohexol (350mg/ml of iodine) 80ml contrast.