How not to miss Kaposiform haemangioendothelioma in neonates?: MRI findings

2020-06-16 20:16:22

Category: Musculoskeletal Imaging, Region: Lower extremity-Muscular system / Connective tissue / Skin, Plane: Coronal

(a) coronal T2WI, (b) coronal PD, (c) sagittal T1WI & (d) sagittal T1WI post contrast: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of right thigh revealed an ill-defined minimally enhancing infiltrative large heterogeneous signal intensity (increased T2W and decreased T1W) lesion involving the subcutaneous layer of the thigh associated with dermal and subcutaneous thickening and infiltration extending into the adjacent muscles with edema, suggestive of KH.