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Mass in relation to the upper third of esophagus and posterior tracheal wall, which seemed to be invaded. A fibrobronchoscopy and a gastroscopy were practiced, but they did not provide data of interest, so a PET/CT was indicated. It showed metabolic activity uptake (highest SUV in mediastinal mass = 3.8, and highest SUV in right upper lobe = 1.4). Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) with puncture of the mass was practiced, and it was informed like a salivary gland tumor type.Four years later the radiological images were still similar to the previously done.

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  • jose maria merino 2014-08-11 05:59:16

    yes, biopsy confirmed histologically proven salivary gland tissue. This cases are very uncommon. the bibliography in this area is scarce. the gastroscopy was normal so the esophagus was not invaded.

    It was an incidental finding in the CAT we practised for other reasons (1cm nodule in right upper lobe )


  • Roland Talanow 2014-08-08 23:52:30

    So, biopsy confirmed, histologically proven salivary gland tissue (choristoma)?

    How frequent are these?

    Esophagus seems displaced by the mass but not invaded.

    This seems however to be a noncontrast which is inadequate to evaluate truly for invasion.

    Why was the initial exam done? Due to dysphagia?

    Thank you