Dual left anterior descending artery

Posted By Priyanka Divekar
Dual left anterior descending artery

I am a radiology resident uploading a case of coronary CT angiography. A 50 yrs old male patient presented with atypical chest pain and was referred for CT coronary angiography. CT coronary angiography revealed two left anterior descending arteries running parallel in anterior interventricular groove (AIG). The long LAD was arising from the left main coronary artery coursing in the AIG and crossing the apex. The short LAD was arising at the left main bifurcation and terminating in the midpart of AIG supplying the major septal and diagonal branches. Only 4 types of Dual LAD have been described in the literature with few types being added later. To the best of our knowledge, our case does not fall under any of the types previously described in radiology literature. I have uploaded the relevant image. I hope that you find this article interesting and worthy of publishing in your journal.

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