Ectopic left parotid gland with hypoplastic left TM joint

Posted By anki CHAUHAN
Ectopic left parotid gland with hypoplastic left TM joint

CASE SUMMARY An 18-year-old female came to ENT out-patient department with a complaint of facial deformity. Non-contrast CT of the face was advised to assess facial asymmetry with clinical suspicion of relative hypertrophy of facial muscles of the right side. The patient was wearing dentures, and so, MRI correlation was not possible. IMAGING FINDINGS The left parotid gland is not present in the parotid space. It is present in the left buccal space superolateral to left masseter muscle. Left masseter muscle appears to be thinned out and atrophic. There is hypoplasia of the left condylar process of the mandible with flattening of the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone that articulates with condyle to form temporomandibular joint (hypoplasia of the TM joint). Bilateral submandibular glands appear normal. All the great vessels were unremarkable. No evidence of cervical lymphadenopathy. This case is sporadic. Mandibular hypoplasia with unilateral ectopia of parotid gland in an asymptomatic patient has not been reported so far in the literature to the best of our knowledge.

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