Bert Myers

Non-Radiologist physician United States, LA
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Non-Radiologist physician
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Professor of Surgery retired
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I am a retired academic surgeon (Professor of Surgery at LSUMC) who has always had a serious interest in Photography as art. In 1972 I studied with Ansel Adams at the last course the master himself taught. I tired to develop holography as a 3 dimensional medical teaching method, and studied at the Holography Institute in CA. I made over 100 holograms of bones and tissue specimens preserved by plantination. Those images are now in the Smithsonian awaiting Congressional funding of a new Museum of Health and Medicine. I have also studied at the Santa Fe School of Photography. Since retiring in 2000 I have devoted myself to using X-ray as art and have published a book on the subject which gives the technique in enough detail that anyone with access to an X-ray machine can duplicate my work.

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Tulane Univ. Sch. of Medicinr
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Univ. of North Carolina 1945-47 Tulane Univ. SWch. of Medicine 1747-51 M,.D. 1951 Touro Infirmary, N>O., LA Residency in Gen. Surgery 1947-59 lin. Inst. in Surgery LSUMC 1959-1972 Clin Prof of Surgery, LSUMC Am Board of Surfgery 1956 Am. College of Surgfeons 1958—present Southern Surgical Assn. 1973—present International Soceity of Optical Engineers SPIE Am. Soc of Media Photographers ASMP 2002-present have published one medical tetbook, 5 chaptgers in other texts and125 peer reviewed articles in medical journals.


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United States
New Orleans
New Orleans


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