10 month old male with tuberous sclerosis and complex partial seizures, treated with vigabatrin.

2020-02-18 21:51:45

Category: Neuroradiology, Region: Head-Brain and brain nerves, Plane: Axial

Axial Diffusion Weighted Images (A, B and C) and T2 SE images (D) depict abnormal signal intensity at the level of the bilateral subthalamic nuclei (A, arrow), central tegmental tracts (B, C and D, arrows) and bilateral dentate nuclei (C and D, arrowheads). TECHNIQUE: 3 tesla MRI (Philips Intera). Images A, B and C: axial DWI, b1000, isotropic. Slice thickness. 4 mm. Image D: axial T2 SE, TR/TE: 2000/80. Flip angle: 90. Slice thickness: 4 mm.