Figure 3

2020-04-21 20:06:33

Category: Musculoskeletal Imaging, Region: Neck-Larynx, Plane:

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal, coronal, and axial non-contrast CT, 120kV, 115mAs, 2.7m slices. FINDINGS: (A) Sagittal view of neck CT demonstrates a comminute fracture of the cricoid cartilage (red arrow) and telescoping of the thyroid cartilage (yellow arrow) behind the hyoid bone (orange arrow), suggesting laryngotracheal separation. Airway structures are easily visualized due to extensive calcification of the cartilaginous structures. (B) Coronal view shows a fracture of the proximal tracheal cartilage (green arrow) with associated malalignment of the tracheal airway. (C) Axial view again demonstrating the “telescope sign”, thyroid cartilage (yellow arrow) posterior to the hyoid bone (orange arrow).