Multimodality imaging in the diagnosis of an intraventricular bronchogenic cyst presenting with complex components

2020-08-29 06:14:58

Category: Chest & Cardiac Imaging, Region: Thorax-Heart, Plane: Axial

Figure 2: Axial non-contrast CT images and axial contrast-enhanced CT in arterial phase showed an oval mass with heterogeneous attenuation, cystic tissue in center (red arrow), fatty tissue at the periphery (white arrow) and soft tissue with scattered punctate calcification (blue arrow) and soft tissue of the tumor was moderated enhancement after contrast agent administration. Imaging technique: Chest computed tomography angiography (CTA) performed with Somatom Definition (Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany) with ECG-gating. Pre- and post-contrast agent administration (Iopromide 370mg iodine/ml, 72ml at 5ml/s); slice thickness of 0.75mm, 120kV, 380mAs.