Multimodality imaging in the diagnosis of an intraventricular bronchogenic cyst presenting with complex components

2020-08-29 06:17:20

Category: Chest & Cardiac Imaging, Region: Thorax-Heart, Plane: Other

Figure 3: Cardiac MRI showed a well-defined and heterogeneous mass adjacent to right ventricular free wall with complicated compositions. The peripheral fat component demonstrated hyperintense on T1W images, and lower signal on FST2W images (white arrow). The center cystic component demonstrated hyperintense on both T1W and FST2W images (white-bordered arrow). Imaging technique: cardiac magnetic resonance, 3.0 T MR System (Siemens, Skyra, Germany) with breath-holding, short-axis view, before the administration of contrast agent, A,B: T1W images, TE 1.4ms, TR 44.8ms, C,D: FST2W images, TE 1.4ms, TR 44.8ms.