Multimodality imaging in the diagnosis of an intraventricular bronchogenic cyst presenting with complex components

2020-08-29 06:19:11

Category: Chest & Cardiac Imaging, Region: Thorax-Heart, Plane: Other

Figure 4: The peripheral soft tissue of mass showed long T1 and short T2 values, and post contrast T1 values decreased about 85%. The center cystic component of mass showed short T1 and T2 values, a 10% drop in T1 value after gadolinium injection. Imaging technique: cardiac magnetic resonance, 3.0 T MR System (Siemens, Skyra, Germany) with breath-holding, long-axis view(A,C,E), short-axis view(B,D,F), A,B: T1 mapping, TE 1.12ms, TR 286.96ms, before the administration of contrast agent, C,D: T2 mapping, TE 1.32ms, TR 207.39ms, before the administration of contrast agent, E,F: T1 mapping, TE 1.12ms, TR 344.36ms, after the administration of contrast agent (10 minutes following the administration of 0.4 ml/kg of gadolinium-based contrast agent).