Chronic genitourinary Schistosomiasis

2021-03-06 04:54:59

Category: Abdominal Imaging, Region: Pelvis-Urinary bladder, Plane: Axial

Unenhanced Computed Tomography. A 30 year old man with genitourinary Schistosomiasis. Findings: in the unenhanced axial serie (A pelvis ureters level and B bladder level) ureters show parietal ring like and tram like calcifications (red arrow); bladder shows parietal thick calcifications particularly on the left side (white arrow). MIP coronal reconstruction shows the extension of the urinary tract calcifications in a more panoramic view (ureters calcifications red arrow and bladder calcifications white arrow). Technique: Somatom Emotion 16 slice scanner, Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchhein, Germany. CARE Dose for automatic exposure control for tube voltage (kV) and effective tube current (mA), slices acquired with 3 mm slice thickness, 1 pitch, and 0.6 second rotation time.