Chronic genitourinary Schistosomiasis

2021-03-06 05:01:08

Category: Abdominal Imaging, Region: Pelvis-Urinary bladder, Plane: Axial

Axial plane Computed Tomography. A young man with genitourinary schistosomiasis. Findings: in the unenhanced serie (A) and intermediate urographic serie (B), bladder is quite empty and shows parietal thickening with linear calcifications more significative on the antero-superior region (red arrows). Extravescical laminar calcifications are also visible along the umbilicovesical fascia (white arrow). The late urographic serie (C), about 40 minutes after bolus injection, shows a good distension of the bladder by iodinated urine filling. Parietal linear calcifications and irregular fibrotic parietal thickening are visible along the antero-superior region (red arrow). Umbilicovesical fascia laminar calcifications are visible (white arrow). Technique: Somatom Emotion 16 slice scanner, Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchhein, Germany. CARE Dose for automatic exposure control for tube voltage (kV) and effective tube current (mA), slices acquired with 5,5 mm slice thickness, 1 pitch, and 0.6 second rotation time. Contrast material was Iomeron® 350 (100 ml – 2,5 ml/sec). Intermediate urographic phase acquired 10 minutes after bolus injection and late urographic phase after 40 minutes.